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The challenge was to create a kitchen with plenty of storage in a relatively small space where the family could have cozy daily meals together.

To begin with, the slatted ceiling and the tiles covering all the walls were removed.  We enlarged the opening of a wide broom cabinet next to the kitchen breaking up the wall to the ceiling to connect this space with the kitchen.  A new ceiling with beautiful lighting, smooth plasterwork and the room is ready for the new designed kitchen.

In the former broom cabinet we placed room-high closets with the same look as the kitchen including two pull-out cabinets that can be opened standing in the entrance of the room. The lighting stroke in the ceiling connects the broom cabinet with the kitchen.

To visually enlarge the space we have somewhat stretched the L-shape of the kitchen so that the kitchen grades from narrow to wide in the corner and again to narrow at the other end. Loose induction hobs are countersunk in the  composite   sheet, a round stainless steel extractor hood and glass splash screen finish the kitchen.

The section adjacent to the narrow end of the kitchen consists of two "floating" bench seats with leather cushions and big hidden drawers.

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