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The Cubo.

Versatile and playful! With compartments on all sides.

Rolling storage unit to be used as a side table, (cook) books cube, bedside table in the bedroom or ...?

The cubo is made of plywood finished with Hpl, a melamine resin having a high scratch resistance and resistant to wine, oil, fruit juices etc.

Standard available in colors!

Other colors on request

Let us know if you have in mind a special edition.

Much is possible, prints, logos or any other material.

(See for example the copper TV furniture on the bottom of this page)

Width x depth:   45 cm.

Height:              61 cm.

Delivery:  approx. 3 weeks. 

Special design on request.

Price:   € 629,00 incl. VAT

Standard HPL.

Questions or order a Cubo ? 


Thanks to the simple concept, any width is possible!

The Boektoren is a freestanding base element which can be placed independently at home or anywhere in the office is.

Through two basic elements and a set of five boards available in the desired length you already created a bookcase exactly on the right size. easy to expand at any time!

In order to prevent bending of the boards we maintain a maximum shelf length of 90 cm.

Example: For a cabinet of 250 cm wide, you need 3 basic elements and 2 sets of shelves of 71 cm length.

The clever mounting system makes that you mount and dismount the shelves in no time.

Material: Mdf with a melamine finish.

Available in 5 colors!

Other colors on request.

Also available in various veneer.

W. x D. x H.  basic element: 36 x 31 x 203 cm.

Shelf depth: 20 cm. 

Delivery:  approx. 3 weeks. 

Depending on finishing.

Basic element: € 379,00 

Set 5 shelves: € 189,00

 (price incl. VAT in Mdf melamine basic color)

More info or let us compose your custom bookcase? 


De Hangla.

Multifunctional hidden drawer!

Seemingly nothing more than a simple wall shelf to show a nice statue or a vase.

But by moving the shelf towards you away from the wall, a secret, large storage space becomes visible.

Perfect in the hall to store keys and gloves, as a tidy bedside table or as a secret hiding place.

Finish: Melamine resin. (HPL)

Standard available in 8 colors!

Other colors on request.

Also available in various wood veneers. 

Height x depth:  15 x 43 cm.

Width:     60, 90  of 110cm.

Delivery: approx. 3 weeks. 

Depending on finishing.

As off  € 349,00 incl. VAT

For a 60 cm width model in een standard HPL color.

More info or order a Hangla? 

TV meubel

Simplicity in a sensational look!

Coating a basic simple TV stand with an HPL (*) in an exceptional design creates a dazzlingly unique furniture.

HPL with beautiful high-gloss colors, like velvet touch designs, structures resembling finely woven fabric, brushed stainless steel, mirrored chrome, or as shown: polished copper !

This is only one example of the huge amount of available designs.

Are you looking for a truly unique TV cabinet or dresser? We can come and visit you or make an appointment in our workshop.

* HPL is a laminate of a phenolic resin with a melamine topcoat. Highly abrasion and scratch resistant!

Height x depth:  32 x 50 cm.

Widht:  100 cm.

Delivery: as off  3 weeks. 

Depending on finishing.

€ 589,00 incl. VAT

in a high-gloss color.

More info or make an appointment? 

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