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Who am I ?

Cor Vroomen, born in Amsterdam and grew up near the Flevopark and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, a place where the city gradually passes into nature.
These places are for me the best of both, the beauty and  power of  nature along with the functionality and safety of the city.
Cities, neighborhoods, interiors and furniture where I feel comfortable with have something similar, a certain tension, not orderly and neat, but contrasts that reinforce each other.

"Runs slightly out of step, moved and committed, bit  rebellious and averse to authority, but always with the right intentions" may be a good way to introduce myself.

Where are we really good in?

The most optimal and efficient use of the available space. Our strength is to situate a complete interior on a few square meters that radiates spaciousness and tranquility.

The effect of a minimalist space can also be obtained in a small room with well thought furniture in the right place.
We consider functionality essential, in addition much attention is spent to the aesthetic execution.


Through our knowledge and experience together with a broad network of professionals, we can realize a complete project.

We speak your



Interaction with the client and constructive thinking is the basis for a good product.

How do we work?

During the first meeting we elaborate on your wishes and ideas; a simple sketch but above all atmospheric images are very welcome.  Also the budget comes up to define which requirements may not be financially realistic or otherwise be accomplished. This first meeting is free of charge.  


Then an appropriate basic plan together with drawings and prices is proposed.  


Hereafter, the sketches are worked out in detail and we make the final presentation and quote. At approval a delivery date is determined and we start with the production process.  


Our experience has shown that transparency in the above process prevents unnecessary costs and unpleasant surprises, resulting in an interior made with care and attention.

Eiken presentatie meubel Hajenius Amsterdam
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