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For Hajenius, the 1826 dating famous gorgeous cigar shop in Amsterdam, we were invited to provide the complete renovation needed for the expansion of the store.

In addition to the coordination of the reconstruction we made in our workshop especially for Hajenius designed interior and various furniture.

On this fantastic project we still receive a lot of compliments and we hope to to be able to carry out many similar projects in the future!

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Conservatorium Hotel.

The former conservatory of Amsterdam is  brilliantly transformed by Piero Lissoni from Milan into the current magnificent 5 star Conservatorium Hotel.

Next to the beautiful lobby of the Conservatorium Hotel, there are a number of exclusive shops. We were involved in the refurbishment of two of these stores.


In close cooperation with the owner we have designed the interior.  We have  then realized the interior and the rebuilding in collaboration with third parties from our network.

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Just any apartment...

In the Apollo Area in Amsterdam is the 3rd and 4th floor of a building combined into one beautiful, modern apartment.


The architect hired for this renovation asked us to build the kitchen, the kitchen/staircase area and the bookcase with a look through structure with seating.

The bookcase structure situated between the hall and the kitchen is kept free from the floor for a spatial effect.

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Shops and offices.

Hereby a good overview of what we can realize showing a small selection on the underlying page.

The photo on the left shows the interior of a Mulberry store. Furthermore a garden-office, several shops and shared work spaces

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A random selection of all sorts of different furniture that either is part of a larger project or be designed as a stand-alone smaller assignment.


This selection includes: bookcases, wardrobes, a window seat with drawers, a luxury mailbox, a beautiful staircase, but also kitchens, bathrooms and small interior solutions.

A number of other not shown bespoke interior items are displayed on the shop page

On the left picture is shown a part of a private library in Haarlem.

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